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How amazing would it be if a dentist could effortlessly look into your mouth and see the internal and external anatomical structure during the diagnosis process? This can now be done within seconds and with minimal radiation exposure thanks to Digital X-Rays. The former methods involved a series of x-rays, a development process in a darkroom full of chemicals, and a special light board to view the results.

Not anymore.

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This new approach outmodes traditional methods through the use of a digital “sensor.” A tiny sensor is briefly placed inside the mouth and performs much like a camera; only it’s actually a chip that is sensitive to x-ray rather than to light. The process is less invasive and patients are exposed to 50%-90% less radiation compared to past imaging procedures.

The finely detailed images are instantly transferred to a computer screen where they can be manipulated and analyzed with scrutiny. We can enlarge the image, rotate it, color code it for educational purposes, and store it as a computer file. This eliminates the need for paper files and the wear and tear that comes with more traditional imaging technology. The digital x-rays can also be reproduced more easily, whether for patient education, referrals, or insurance purposes.